Liang continues to press for an official apology from

Posted by levant | 2017-12-07

Stonewall would like to see the gender options expanded. “Trans people can face unnecessary obstacles because of the way gender is recorded on official documents,” says spokesperson Kim Sanders. “Many are afraid to travel abroad for fear of intrusive questioning or difficulties at passport control. We would like to see legal recognition of non-binary people, including an X category on passports.”

 Eurostar in the hope it will change its procedures. “If they wanted to search me it should have been done in private,” he says. “Their reluctance to apologise shows how far we still have to travel. True equality comes not when LGBTQ couples are allowed to marry, but when basic humiliations stop happening in everyday life.”


In large parts of the world LGBT travellers face risks – 72 countries outlaw same-sex relationships and many refuse to allow people to change their gender marker on legal documents. Transgender travellers should therefore be aware of laws and attitudes in their destination country.

In some cases it might be wise to take a relevant doctor’s letter or gender recognition certificate, in case officials question perceived disparities between appearance and travel documents. All flight reservations require gender to be specified along with your name, and these details must match those on the passport even if you identify as a different gender. If you have not yet had your passport amended, you will have to book and travel as the name and gender recorded on it.

When you pass through security, some items such as prosthetics and bindings may be flagged as an “anomaly”. Official advice is to explain calmly and clearly what the item is. You should never be asked to remove or raise clothing to display it. Gel-filled prosthetics are classed as medical items and are not included in the 100g liquid limit, but they may be examined during the screening of hand luggage.

If stopped, most Western airports allow passengers to specify which gender they prefer to be searched by, and to request that it be performed in private with a witness.